Alek believes timber management is not only important to maintain a healthy forest, but a strong economy as well. Due to the mismanagement and lack of federal timber harvesting minimums, forest fires are worsening every year. This results in the release of carbon and pollution into our environment which negatively affects the health of millions of Oregonians. Ultimately, this costs the industry billions of dollars each year instead of producing jobs and providing income to our communities. Southwestern Oregon’s economy is dependent on timber and the lack of a strong timber industry takes more than just an economic toll on our community – it causes increased rates of homelessness, child abuse, and drug abuse.


Alek believes the right to bear arms must not be infringed. Alek served our country in the military, and he strongly believes everyone should have the right to defend themselves. As a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holder, Alek will staunchly protect the 2nd amendment and gun owner rights.


The Veteran’s Health Administration is still broken, and it needs a complete overhaul to improve care for our veterans. It is time to implement a voucher system that lets veterans choose where they receive their healthcare, and we can relieve some of the VA’s backlog to ensure we are providing private quality care for our veterans. As a veteran, Alek believes we must keep our promises and have a sound VA infrastructure in place to care for our soldiers upon returning home.


As the son of an immigrant, Alek believes our diversity is an important part of what makes America great. However, he also believes that the failure to secure the border threatens our national security and way of life. For far too long politicians have refused to act, and violence is spilling into the United States. Alek fully supports President Trump’s plan to build the wall, secure our border, and end sanctuary cities.


Healthcare is an issue that greatly affects all Oregonians. Prices keep increasing while the quality of care decreases. Alek believes in a free market healthcare system centered around patients in order to improve access and the quality of care. He supports President Trump’s efforts to reduce the price of prescription drugs for seniors, and he believes we must have protection for those with pre-existinig medical conditions.


Timber is the heartbeat of Southwestern Oregon, and Alek stands for bringing back a thriving timber economy. However, Alek believes in a diverse economic system based on free-market principles that allow our job market to thrive. With a better job market, this will allow lower- and middle-class wages to rise and support our state’s economic growth.