Alek Is Honored To Be Endorsed By:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise

House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik

Former Lane County Sheriff Byron Trapp

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin

Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni

Statewide and National

Congressman Burgess Owens
Congressman Cliff Bentz

Combat Veterans of America
Taxpayers Association of Oregon

County Officials

Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni
Curry County Sheriff John Ward
Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin
Former Lane County Sheriff Byron Trapp

Coos County Commissioner Bob Main
Curry County Commissioner Chris Paasch
Douglas County Commissioner Tom Kress
Douglas County Commissioner Tim Freeman
Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice
Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich
Lane County Commissioner-Elect David Loveall
Former Lane County Commissioner Gary Williams
Former Lane County Commissioner Steve Cornacchia
Former Lane County Commissioner Anna Morrison

Former Douglas County Clerk Barbara Nielson
Former Douglas County Clerk Patti Hitt
UCC Board Chair Steve Loosley
Bethel School Board Member Rich Cunningham

State Representatives and Senators

State Representative Boomer Wright
State Representative Christine Goodwin
State Representative Shelly Boshart Davis
State Representative Cedric Hayden
State Representative David Brock Smith

Mayors and City Councilors

Roseburg Mayor Larry Rich
Winston Mayor Scott Rutter
Cottage Grove Mayor Jeff Gowing
Florence Mayor Joe Henry
Former Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg
Former Lincoln City Mayor Don Williams

Springfield City Councilor Joe Pishioneri
Springfield City Councilor-Elect Victoria Doyle
Springfield City Councilor Merilee Woodrow
Coburg City Councilor Kyle Blain

Roseburg City Council President Bob Cotterell
Roseburg City Councilor Andrea Zielinski
Roseburg City Councilor Shelley Briggs-Loosley
Roseburg City Councilor Bev Cole
Former Florence City Councilor Maggie Wisniewski